Heavy Duty Proj Ceiling Mount Hight Adj

Heavy Duty Proj Ceiling Mount Hight Adj

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A heavy-duty, universal, adjustable, ceiling projector mount with versatile features; designed as a strong and sturdy mounting solution.

  • 360º rotation
  • tilts up to +/- 25º
  • supports up to 55.1 lbs
  • 5" vertical distance from ceiling
  • equipped with "quick attach and detach" feature for securing the projector
  • compatible with any projector that has mounting patterns up to 12.7" apart
this product comes with an optional extendable pole that adds the following features:
  • in-tube smart cable management system
  • between 16.5" and 22.7" extension from the ceiling
a very useful product for both low and high ceilings!

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