Abbreviation Description

-Stand. Standard
AIO All In One
AVI Audio Video Interleaved
BW Bandwidth
CA Certificate Authority
CAD Computer-Aided Design
CD Compact Disc
DMA Direct Memory Access
ECC Error Checking and Correcting
EDO-RAM Extended Data Output RAM
EEP-ROM Electrically Erasable Programmable ROM
ESD Electro Static Discharge
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FDC Floppy Disc Controller
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FSB Front Side Bus
FYI For Your Information
HD Hard Disk
HDTV High Definition TV
HPC High Performance microController
LAN Local Area Network
LED Light Emitting Diode
NIC Network Interface Card
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OS Operating System
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PSU Power Supply Unit
PUP Product Upgrade (for example: from entry to pro)
RAM Random Access Memory
RIMM Rambus In-line Memory Module
SCSI Small Computers System Interface
SD Single density
SDRAM Synchronous DRAM
TERA 1024MB x 10 power 4
TTL Time To Live
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
URL Uniform Resource Locator
VUP Version Upgrade (for example; V5.2 to V7.0)